Stage 1: Personalized Eating Plan

The Eating Plan is the first of the three stages of the Cohen Program, and is based on your initial blood test results. The personalized Eating Plan contains Dr. Cohen’s prescribed set quantities and combinations of proteins and vegetables for your three meals each day. The Eating Plan is designed to bring about a balance in your body chemistry (hormones) which then triggers the body’s rapid but natural fat loss mechanism.*

*Weight loss effects may vary per individual.

Stage 2: Personalized Refeeding Plan

This is the second stage of the Cohen Program which usually lasts between 2 – 3 weeks and is based on all your repeat blood test results. It involves a gradual increase in portion sizes, a gradual introduction of new and richer foods—new proteins, new vegetables, new fruit categories, complex carbs like rice, potato, popcorn, processed carbs like bread and pasta, low fat milk, sweet biscuits, and eventually alcohol. It stabilises your body chemistry and helps your body adapt to increased portions and richer foods while maintaining your hormonal balance and preventing weight gain.*

*Weight loss effects may vary per individual.

Stage 3: Management Guidelines

This is the final stage of the Cohen Program. People with a tendency to be obese need a different eating strategy in order to maintain the weight. The Management Guidelines provide practical advice on how much food to eat, which foods to choose and which to avoid, and a set of strategies to help cap the surge in insulin that results from consuming foods such as desserts, chocolate, cakes, and alcohol. It also includes advice on what to do if you do gain weight. These guidelines represent the long-term lifestyle changes necessary to maintain your weight.*
*Weight loss effects may vary per individual.


Together with the Cohen Program is a 6-month support contract. The Centre provides monthly weigh-in and face-to-face consultations, as well as blood test reminders. The Centre has consultants who have successfully undergone the Cohen Program, who can assist the individuals in adjusting to their new lifestyle. However, while the consultants are available to support the client, we ask the clients to keep in touch and update us on their progress because, ultimately, the responsibility in following the program religiously and eventually succeeding in achieving their goal weight is with the individual.