Why Fad Diets Fail

20 Nov 2018

When our quality of life has diminished due to poor diet and lifestyle, some of us on the brink of diabetes, obesity, and other diseases would resort to fad diets. Such diets would often call for extreme measures such as restricting one macronutrient while preferring another, by extreme reduction of calories, and in some cases, skipping meals or opting for an artificial product in exchange of real food.

Such diets, while effective on the surface, are not based on long-term scientific studies and nutritional balance. Because most fad diets are not consistently monitored in the long-term, such diets cannot be vouched for long term benefits. As a result, those diets may give long term risks in health and well being, and when we go off such diets, we would gain the weight back almost immediately because our body does not know how to adapt to eating healthier. This is why we fall into the trap of yo-yo dieting, trying one fad diet after another.

Stay successful with The Cohen Lifestyle Program

Where all fad diets fail, The Cohen Lifestyle Program delivers. This is because the program delivers results to clients who endeavor to follow consistently. The reason for success and the heart of the program is to use food as medicine to target the root cause of our weight issues. Through food and nutrition, our hormones are treated back to its normal function. Another factor of success is that the program is not tailored around only with weight loss as a goal, but teaching and guiding clients towards continued and long term maintenance of the desired weight after weight loss has been achieved.

The result is a program that gives permanent teachings on how to maintain weight that clients can use through the years. The Cohen Lifestyle Program has helped many people achieve their optimal health and well being, and in the process steer them away from the road to ill health. The program’s almost immediate effect on hormonal balance and function will set the client free from unnecessary health issues.

If you are already on your Eating Plan, trust in the years of study that was devoted to do this program and how it is centered with your long term health in mind, not just weight-loss.


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