Highly Personalized Program

Dr. Cohen personally works out your Eating Plan based on the unique bio-chemical profile of your blood, so no plan is the same.

Scientific and Medical Research-based

The Cohen Program is based on international medical research started by Dr. Cohen and his medical research partners over 25 years ago in the United States, Europe, and South Africa.

“It is a Lifestyle and not a diet”

Not only does the program help clients rapidly lose weight* in a healthy way, it teaches them how to keep the weight off sustainably through its unique re-feeding program and maintenance guidelines.

*Individual results may vary.

Guidance from our passionate and experienced team of consultants

Having personally gone through the program themselves, they can provide expert advice on questions you may have during your Cohen journey.

Strong support from our exclusive Cohen community

As a client, you will get a chance to become part of the growing Cohen community where you can share experiences, gain knowledge and advise from people who are at different stages of the program.