A Journey to Wellness

20 Nov 2018
Name: James Fernandez
Occupation: Restaurant and catering service owner


Health conditions before his Cohen journey:

Borderline Diabetic, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, arrhythmia and fatty liver. Weighed 105.7 kg.


Due to his arrhythmia, he was not allowed to participate in strenuous exercise program or routine. He used to tell his mother that he’s okay with the way he was despite the burden of multiple health conditions.

Experience with the Cohen Program:

When he decided it was time for him to change his eating habits, he enrolled in the Cohen Program. He found it a convenient way to lose weight because he could not exercise. Despite the multiple opportunities for him to deviate as he was in the food business, he decided to stick to the program. His decision to adapt a healthy lifestyle paid off by losing 36 kg. in 5 months*.

Health condition AFTER the Cohen Program:

His sugar level and liver function have normalized. He feels lighter, more alert and active.

Now he has given away his old clothes and continues to strategize on ways to maintain his weight because he understands that the Cohen program is not just a diet – it’s a healthy lifestyle.

*Results vary by individual.

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