5 Awesome Reasons to be on the Cohen Program in Summer

13 Mar 2017

Choosing to embark on a life-changing journey to good health doesn’t require perfect timing. The best time to start is when you’re ready and your mind and heart are set to commit to this sometimes challenging, but oftentimes rewarding experience.

Yet, there are times when being on the Cohen journey at the right time is an added bonus. Here are 5 reasons why it’s a great idea to be on the Cohen Lifestyle Program in summer:

1  Access to the best produce.

The Cohen Lifestyle Program has a specific list of food that ensure clients have the healthiest and most nutritious food for weight loss. Summertime brings good harvest for mangoes, cauliflower, asparagus, lettuce, and more.

2  You won’t easily feel cold.

Rapid weight loss means losing a lot of fat in your body. Thick layers of fat insulates and keeps the body warm, so losing it means feeling cold more easily. As you lose the body fat, you won’t suffer too much from the scorching heat of the summer as others would.

3  You can show off your “new” body in summer clothes.

Speaking of a hot summer, Cohenites also have the opportunity to flaunt their new figures in summer clothes. So bring out those short-shorts, swimming trunks, and swimsuits!

4  Seemingly fewer temptations with less “reunions,” gatherings, and get togethers.

Compared to being on the program during the Christmas holiday, Cohenites will find less opportunities to be tempted to deviate. Since there are less get togethers – family reunions, lunches and dinners with friends, parties, etc. – you have no reason to say you “got tempted” to deviate. What you need to contend with, instead, are the outings. But fret not. “Outings” and out of town trips are the best places to enjoy freshly grilled seafood like squid, shrimp, or prawns that can be paired with grilled zucchini or a leafy green salad.

5  Hitting the 3L water quota is easy-peasy.

Struggling to hit your 2 to 3 liters of water? Now you won’t! Fill up your glass with ice and feel refreshed as you get hydrated.

Joining the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program is a great decision to make for anyone who is ready to improve his life and health, regardless of time of year. What is important is that you have chosen to start this journey now, and not a moment too late.

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